Your, What’s Next?…should be, What’s Best!

We help you gain financial and emotional confidence, so you can focus on your newly discovered freedoms.

Who Will You Be Once You No Longer Are What You Did For A Living?

The landscape of retirement is changing for the better, as people retire younger and live longer.
What will you do with your new freedom of time?

At Collier, we coin this time in your life as your Encore Performance. We see it as your second performance in life that enhances what you’ve already achieved, or even perhaps, if we are so bold as to say, could surpass it.

However you choose to live this next phase of your life — any combination of work, play or pure relaxation — we help you discover the what, why and how so that you can experience the wow.

Retirement is your Encore Performance…take a bow!

Does this sound like you?

These are fictional client pictures and profiles that provide case studies that represent unique individual situations and outcomes that have been presented to Collier Financial.  Examples are for illustrative purposes only and may not necessarily be replicated. This should not be construed as a testimonial or an endorsement of our firm.

This is us...

Our goal is simple: to be most impactful to our clients.
And, we’ve built our firm around this commitment.

A Singularly-Focused Specialization: Retiree Market
Financial planning—in the years leading into and during retirement—requires a very different level of service. From our investment management style to the active lifestyle resources we provide, we cater our services exclusively and holistically to your needs.

Small Team with Big Firm Resources
Remaining small has its advantages. You receive a personalized, hands-on, consistent experience, while having access to the most extensive range of products and services. Even more important to you, since we are an independent entity, there are no sales and products quotas—for you, this means freedom of the most appropriate product choice and resources.

Experience With a Holistic Approach
Our financial planning knowledge and experience spans two generations. Which means we understand the various nuances of the retiree market and provide custom strategies to address a multitude of considerations.