Virtual reality is amazingly realistic, but it’s still not real

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Virtual reality is amazingly realistic, but it’s still not real  

I recently had the opportunity to strap on a pair of virtual reality goggles and sky dive over the Grand Canyon. Knowing my fear of heights, I should have chosen a virtual activity closer to the ground – like driving a formula one race car or skiing in the Alps. After the simulation program finished and my stomach returned to its normal location, I was astonished by how realistic the experience was. Yet, it wasn’t real. I can’t truthfully say I’ve actually sky dived over the Grand Canyon even though I experienced it in the virtual realm. I can say without any doubt; I never will do it for real! Five feet, eleven inches is my height, and it’s about as high as I care to go these days.

Getting real in retirement
There is a difference between how I envisioned my retirement (virtual planning) lifestyle before it began and how it’s playing out in real time (retirement reality) today.

I imagined that the transition from working-for-a-living to living-for-a-living would be easy, especially since my lifetime career involved helping people retire successfully. I created an unrealistic expectation that because of my specialized education and experience in the retirement planning profession, I would be nothing less than the poster child for my seamless retirement transformation. As it turns out, I was wrong.

The truth is, as I moved from the virtual planning phase to the reality stage, it took about a year for my new retirement lifestyle routines and adventures to begin to feel real. I kept thinking I was going to suddenly wake up to the work alarm clock and realize this was only a dream. It took time for me to accept I wasn’t in a dream; I was living one.

One of my favorite  “ah ha” reality moments came when I realized that the few deadlines I have are self-imposed. After working in a career filled with due-dates created by others, I found tremendous relief and freedom in the reality that I am the creator of my daily agenda, as long as my wife agrees! Some experiences can’t be replicated through a pair of virtual reality goggles – like the feeling of doing what you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want.

Until next time, imagine the life of your dreams, then make it real.

My name is RetirED.

I’m your dedicated retired person reporting on real life retirement experiences.

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