Seize the Moment

Hey Neighbor! This is RetirED.

Recently, while I was happily “isolating” in the forest that surrounds our home, I had the opportunity to meet our new neighbor who had ventured over to introduce himself when he heard the sound of my chain saw. His name is Paul, a personable, active, eighty-eight-year-old fella who retired and relocated to the area with his wife about thirty years ago. It was interesting to learn that during his working career, Paul owned and operated a successful people business located in a city north of Denver. His company offered essential services that everyone will need at some point in their lives. His business was running a funeral home.

When I asked Paul how his retirement experience has been so far, he grinned from ear to ear as he told me his retirement has been fantastic because of a lesson learned from people he helped who had unexpectedly lost a loved one. The message was: I wish we hadn’t waited until it was too late to enjoy our retirement years.  Paul explained that hearing this regret over and over again from surviving spouses he helped changed his life. Realizing that he might run out of time before “someday” arrived, he adopted the phrase “Carpe Diem” – seize the day – as his motto for living.

When Paul and his wife retired, they spent their early years traveling extensively, visiting all the places they dreamed of seeing but had no time to visit during their working years. The result has been an abundant, full retirement life packed with amazing memories, new friendships, and unique cultural experiences.

As my new neighbor puts it: “We live each day as if it is our last on this side of the property line. Living as long as I have and enjoying each day like it is my last has given me a rich life with no regrets.”

…and that’s worth thinking about.

My name is RetirED.


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