We are your lifetime partners built To help you plan for, transition into and help you focus on reaping The greatest joys out of your retirement years.

Our Holistic Approach

For the active retiree who’s not ready to simply lounge poolside all day (as appealing as that may sound), there’s much more you might want to accomplish in your Encore years. Beyond planning and managing for lifetime income, we’ve learned there are other essentials to making your retirement years the best, most memorable years of your life.

Financial Confidence

Growing confidence together so you can focus on your newfound freedoms.


Happiness is shared in the experiences and memories created together.


Let’s face it, there’s nothing more essential than a healthy mind and body.


Learning and discovering new things enlivens the experience of life.


Paying it forward is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

The Team

Brandon Collier, CFP®, CRPC®, President

A second-generation owner of the Collier family firm who hopes to one day pass it on to his kids.

Why do you specialize in retirement planning?

Watching my dad retire opened my eyes to how much more there is to a fulfilling retirement than just having enough money. We realized that what we—and the rest of the financial services industry—were providing only scratched the surface of what our clients needed. So we went back to the drawing board and listed out all the needs and concerns of today’s active retiree and created strategies for each.

Keith Nicholson, CFP®, Financial Planner

My role is to be a resource for the needs of our clients. I’m always here for them to provide guidance and answer any questions. I help develop recommendations and communicate what those recommendations mean for the client.

What does being “impactful for your client” mean for you?

Deeply caring about what makes our clients happy, what they envision for their life and doing everything we can to enable them to pursue that.

Tara Cearnal, Operations Manager

Oversees compliance regarding transactions, paperwork and affiliated money movement.  Verifies that all compliance-related matters are in order and processed timely while maintaining close client relationships.

What sets Collier apart?

We have purposely narrowed our clientele to pre-retirees and retirees as we focus on the intricacies of financial planning. Our relationships are the most important part of our work and we strive to know our clients wholeheartedly. Family first, finance second.

Nicole Gillum, Client relationship manager

My main role is to provide client support and assistance: creating a welcoming and engaging experience from the first connection with every client and throughout their entire time working with us. In combination with administrative duties, I spend most of my time in communication with clients, scheduling appointments, prepping for client meetings and being available for questions and concerns.

What is your favorite part in the process when working with clients?

It is wonderful to listen to clients share about their lives, tell stories and learn special things about each person. Learning about their families, careers, hobbies and lifestyles is fascinating and I am often inspired by our clients.

We’ve Listened, We’ve Learned…

The term “retirement” is subjective and it’s as unique to you as the way you want to live it.

You’ve dedicated a significant part of your life to your work and there’s purpose, relevance and impact in what you’ve accomplished. As you begin to shift your time and focus from work to other things, you begin to redefine your lifestyle…and perhaps a new purpose.

There’s an emotional transformation in this shift and this is where our process aims to make a positive impact.

Aside from the important practical matters of investment planning and management differences, there’s an emotional component we take to heart. The transition to and through retirement requires a specialized skill set and we begin the process with a meaningful conversation around what truly fulfills you to discover what you want your next phase of life to look like.

Regardless of how you choose to design your Encore years, the idea is to be financially and emotionally free to live those years to their fullest.

We Understand You…

The impact we make is really knowing who our clients are and being fully invested in their true happiness.