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Much of what we do revolves around your finances, but that is only a fraction of retirement. How you turn a standard retirement into an Encore Performance is through the lifestyle you live. After all, what is all this money good for if you are not living the life you always wanted to?

This is at the heart of why we created Encore University. We offer regular Encore events and resources that provide opportunities for clients to get together to create a community with other like-minded peers and to try new things that support their continued growth and learning.

We believe financial confidence along with enjoyment and fulfillment of your life during retirement go hand in hand. Our goal is to help you transform your retirement into the best years of your life.
Retirement is your Encore Performance…take a bow!


An entertaining & educational feature.

Ed is a fictitious character written by the now retired founder of Collier Financial. The character is based on the neighbor, Wilson, from the 1990’s TV show “Tool Time.” Like the character Wilson, RetirEd is meant to provide neighborly advice and perspective on current happenings in the world and what it is like to experience retirement today. We hope that these educational, interesting, and humorous messages will provide some valuable insights into how real people are experiencing retirement and some commonality with your own retirement experiences.


My role is to help make the experience of retirement, human.  I provide a real-life perspective and practical answers to the “Big” question: who will I be once I no longer am what I did for a living?

What’s your greatest piece of wisdom from the perspective of a newly retired person?

Allow yourself time to adjust to the new elements that a major change in lifestyle like retirement creates.  I use the analogy of an ocean diver needing to allow time for their bodies to acclimate to the pressure change as they slowly rise to the surface from a deep dive:  Retiring is similar…give yourself time to slowly adjust to the pressure change or risk a case of the “retirement bends.”  And lastly, retirement is your “encore” performance…take a bow!

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You can do this

Howdy folks. Ed here. “You can do this.” This was the text message my wife and I received from our financial planner recently. It was

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How’s Retirement?

Howdy folks. Ed here. How’s Retirement? My friends, who are still working, often ask me: “So Ed, how’s retirement?” I trust they are asking this

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Encore Events

Cybersecurity Seminar

Victim Assistance coordinator at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation We will have lunch provided, Q&A regarding cybersecurity where Hazel is considered a national expert in

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Tax Forum Seminar

We all know tax changes are on the horizon. No matter what happens this year, you’ll be ready to start the 2018 tax season after

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Coffee With Collier

Coffee with Collier

March Collier Scoop

Dear Valued Investor, After several months of relative calm in the markets, this week’s volatility probably felt worse than it might have otherwise, but any

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Coffee with Collier

February Collier Scoop

Dear Valued Investor, The start of 2020 has brought increased stock market volatility. The uncharacteristically calm market environment we experienced for much of the past

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Coffee with Collier

January Collier Scoop

Dear Valued Client(s), Recently, our government passed the SECURE act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act), which took effect on January 1st this

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