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Brandon Collier, CFP®, CRPC®


A second-generation owner of the Collier family firm who hopes to one day pass it on to his kids.

Why do you specialize in retirement planning?

Watching my dad retire opened my eyes to how much more there is to a fulfilling retirement than just having enough money. We realized that what we—and the rest of the financial services industry—were providing only scratched the surface of what our clients needed. So we went back to the drawing board and listed out all the needs and concerns of today’s active retiree and created strategies for each.

What is your favorite part in the process when working with clients?

The aha moment when our clients realize and accept that they can financially pursue the things they’ve always wanted to do, it’s almost like seeing a weight lifted off their shoulders

Please share one of the most unique or meaningful “lifestyle” experiences that your client achieved.

As with most good savers, getting clients to let go of that “save and don’t spend” mentality takes years and sometimes never fully goes away.  In one particular instance, we had a long-term client with whom we had been demonstrating over time that he had enough money to get out and enjoy those things he had an interest in doing, particularly while he was still young and healthy. He always wanted to go on a big fishing trip. For years, we encouraged him to do so. Left to his own devices, we knew he might never book that trip, so we started sending him travel specials for fishing trips he would be interested in, along with emails reaffirming that he could do this…that he has the money to do this. After a couple months, he finally booked a trip and he has since scheduled 3 more trips. He is finally out there doing the things he always wanted to do. A lot of our job is building financial confidence. And, a big part of that is demonstrating to our clients that they do have the money to do the things they always dreamt of doing.  And if needed, pestering them until they actually do it.

What does being “impactful for your client” mean to you?

Building the plan and financial confidence is the starting point; however, each interaction with our clients is an opportunity to make their lives better or easier. Whether it’s being their rock during times of market turmoil by helping clients make tough decisions during the toughest times, talking through any challenges or worries they are having leading into or in retirement, or even small things like adjusting schedules to make meeting times more advantageous for our clients. No interaction is too small to take the opportunity to make the clients’ day or life just a little bit easier or better.

What sets Collier apart?

We are one of the only firms I know that specifically tailors their services to today’s retiree. With a balance of youth and experience, we are positioned to be a lifetime partner to our clients. We will not retire on them in the middle of their retirement. Our small size allows us to know and be available to our client families.

Tell us an interesting fact about you.
I met my wife on the Tyra Banks Talk show.
What are your favorite things outside of work?

My family, my wife Nicole, our son Hayden and our daughter London. We love to ski and I like to golf, which I rarely get to do these days with young kids. We also sit on the board of our family charity Jessie’s Heart which raises money for families of children with heart defects.

Explain how your friends or family would describe your personality.
Organizer. Loyal. Old Soul.
Are there degrees, awards, accolades or experience you’d like to highlight?

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