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Nicole Gillum

Client Relationship Manager

My main role is to provide client support and assistance: creating a welcoming and engaging experience from the first connection with every client and throughout their entire time working with us. In combination with administrative duties, I spend most of my time in communication with clients, scheduling appointments, prepping for client meetings and being available for questions and concerns.
What is your favorite part in the process when working with clients?
It is wonderful to listen to clients share about their lives, tell stories and learn special things about each person. Learning about their families, careers, hobbies and lifestyles is fascinating and I am often inspired by our clients.
What does being “impactful for your client” mean for you?
Establishing and building a relationship of trust, support and ongoing guidance is impactful for our client’s experience. Providing a place where they can plan for the future and gain confidence in their retirement is very important.
What sets Collier apart?
We enjoy getting to know our clients by spending time with them both in the office during meetings and offsite at our fun client events. We believe attitude influences the adventure of life! Our team is vibrant and innovative with a wealth of retirement planning experience.
Explain why you work for/with a company that specializes in retirement planning.
It is an industry of practicality with everyday life applications. It is great to work for a firm that has real-time planning for the future where clients experience a systematized way to set and pursue their different goals.
Please share one of the most unique or meaningful “lifestyle” experiences that your client achieved.
After saving and investing for many years, one client was finally able to make the transition to start spending his money. This was after several conversations about his thoughts and feelings on spending money in general. He was able to overcome his fears of running out of money, which lead to him purchasing upgrades for his home and planning international vacations.
What are your favorite things outside of work?
My greatest joy is spending time with family, my canine son and friends. Exploring the great outdoors of Colorado by hiking and camping (of course any adventure with a challenge and a great view inspires and motivates me!)
Tell us an interesting fact about you.
I love heights! Roller coasters, sky diving and plane rides!
Explain how your friends or family would describe your personality.
Social/Friendly. Loyal/Dependable. Engaging
Are there degrees, awards, accolades or experience you’d like to highlight?

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