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Will McMannis, CFP®

Vice President, Financial Planning

Providing scenario analysis to understand how economic and personal changes might impact an individual’s retirement success.
Why do you specialize in retirement planning?
I think retirement is something that is fundamentally misunderstood. It was for my dad when he retired. It was always looked at as simply “not working anymore.” The reality is, retirement is so much more than not working. It’s a scary time and I like to remove the anxiety around finances for people making the retirement transition.
Please share one of the most unique or meaningful “lifestyle” experiences that your client achieved.
It’s difficult to choose a single, specific experience. The most meaningful experiences for me have been clients calling me as they embark on their dream trips to thank me for making the experience worry free. It’s tough to enjoy your dream vacation when you’re worried that taking such a trip would hurt you financially. This is why planning is so critically important to a vibrant retirement.
What does being “impactful for your client” mean to you?
Impactful to me is a client’s “Aha!” moment. When the overwhelm and confusion of investing suddenly become clear and the client sees the unique purpose for why a certain action fits their circumstances. This makes investing and retirement go from a “scary unknown” to the reason a grandchild gets to attend graduate school.
What sets Collier apart from other financial planning firms?

The people and the process. In my opinion, most firms are all about the investments and Collier is all about the retirement experience. Having a financial plan and a purpose behind every decision a client makes is central to our beliefs. On the street you’ll be talking with firms about “making more money” and with Collier, you’ll be talking about how you accomplish your dream vacation to Tahiti. We invest for the specific and unique purposes of each client.

What is your favorite part in the process when working with clients?
I love teaching and value helping clients understand their financial lives. The moment a client understands how they can protect their significant other from a future tax issue, alleviate an income concern or avoid some other financial pitfall always stands out to me.
Tell us an interesting fact about you.
I met my wife and asked her to be my girlfriend the first time in 4th grade. I kept asking every year until she finally said “yes,” during our freshman year of high school. Persistence certainly pays off as we’ve been best friends ever since.
What are your favorite things outside of work?
I come from a big golfing family, so I love playing golf. I’m also a big movie guy and enjoy taking my two sons to the theater. I have fond memories of golfing and going to the movies with my dad. I hope to pass these same types of memories on to my boys.
Explain how your friends or family would describe your personality.
My friends and family would probably describe me as a gregarious learner. I’ve never met a stranger and love to learn about new people and places. I originally went to college as a History major, so I suppose that passion for understanding has always been with me.

Are there degrees, awards, accolades or experience you’d like to highlight?

I’m a Certified Financial Planner with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and I’m currently working towards my Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

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