We believe in retirement by design.

Your life is complex. Your family situation, unique. This is why your retirement can’t be left to chance. You deserve better than “retirement by default.”

We Specialize in Retirement

For some firms, “specializing in retirement” might mean selling services to retirees. For us, specializing in retirement is more than just targeting specific demographics. It’s about understanding and easing the fears and emotions around a major life transition, a transition that requires adaptation, patience, emotional reassurance, planning and a confidence in markets.

Retirement By Design addresses these fears, concerns, transitions and life impacts in unique and comprehensive ways for each client and their family. With Collier, you won’t carry the burdens of financial anxiety all on your own. We are with you at every turn and will address these three most asked questions below and position you to be more resilient and flexible in your finances and investments, with us as an ongoing partner.

In our experience, most people close to or entering retirement have three questions:


Will I run out of money?
Our financial planning approach addresses this primary concern at the onset of our relationship. We focus our discovery on your specific spending, tax, and health situation, as well as your legacy goals. With a robust understanding of your financial decisions and spending expectations for retirement life, we build an accurate forecast of your family’s potential for a fully funded retirement. We don’t stop there, as we know that adequate resources (money) addresses only one of a retirees’ major concerns.


How do I pay my bills next year?
We create your detailed financial forecast and structure your finances in ways that align your funds for different goals. Generally, up to retirement, clients maintain a single portfolio with all their funds invested in the same way. We know that the money you’ll need in a year should not be invested the same way as money required for your bills in 15 years. Next year’s income needs security and stability. We customize every facet of your financial forecasts and investments. We focus on how funds are invested and how frequently distributions are received. With the next year’s income accounted for, and investments in play for subsequent years, we ease the fears and stresses of no longer receiving a paycheck in the context of the daily news cycles.


What happens if an event like 2008 occurs yet again?
The 2008 financial crisis changed the retirement experience for everyone. The “stay the course” mentality stopped being palatable for retirees (and it should have!). There must be a better way than sleepless nights, heartburn and shaking hands, as you review a monthly investment statement. Retirement by Design is the better way. As a part of the RBD process, we incorporate defensive strategies for portions of your money, designed to avoid the full volatility of the stock market. We generally start with 6 years (72 months) of living expenses in a conservative allocation. We work in this time frame because the two worst bear market recessions we’ve experienced in our lifetimes (the early 2000’s dot.com bust and 2008 financial crisis) took somewhere between 54 and 74 months to fully recover. With our RBD process, you’ll know that the portion of your assets with Collier is performing and you’ll have adequate funds to cover expenses for the predictable length of any recovery. That’s the beauty of our RBD process, it is 100% crafted to you.

Partnership By Design

We revisit your needs for each portion of your RBD portfolio every year. Your life changes, and so will your needs and preferences. You may feel comfortable, some years, being more conservative, accounting for extra years of income ahead of any storms. Some years you may feel more confident and aim for more growth. As your partners in retirement by design, we can adjust your plans, strategies and allocations each year to reflect your life and the changing life of your family.

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