Our holistic approach of getting your money in order goes well beyond just numbers…

dare we say…It can be fun. (shh)

Which Is Why We Start From The Ground Up With A Financial DNA Behavior® Discovery Survey

Your specialized partner for retirement

You’ve heard us say this before:
financial planning needs and investment management styles and strategies differ greatly in those handful of years leading into and during retirement, compared to your full-time working years.


Instead of money going into investments, now money is coming out.

Instead of your portfolio being built for growth, now it needs to be built to produce income and protection.

Instead of tax savings on contributions, now there are tax liabilities on withdrawals.

Instead of relying on company benefits, now you are on your own choosing healthcare plans.


Which is why we gear our services and resources strictly towards all of the considerations during those crucial years preceding, transitioning into, and during retirement.

We call it the Collier Way


“I wasn’t emotionally prepared for executing my new purpose once I no longer did what I used to do for a living.  I thought a lifetime financial planner would be exempt from the emotional challenges of the retirement transition. I was wrong.” — Jim Collier, retired Certified Financial Planner

During the first 12-18 months into retirement, my father (as did I) experienced (and observed) a very eye-opening lesson. You can be financially prepared, sure, but have you prepared for the emotional transformation that is inevitable during your retirement years?

My father who was well-planned, or so he thought, for a successful retirement experienced an emotional struggle with a new purpose that came with no longer doing what he used to do everyday for a living. While he had some idea of what “retirement” would look like for him, what he valued from his working years had not been identified, and therefore not considered in how they would play a role in his Encore years.

His personal story was our inspiration to reevaluate how we were serving our clients, not only in how we initially engaged each of our clients, but how to support them through their Encore years. We went back to the drawing board to ask deeper, more insightful questions of our clients, of my father and of ourselves to develop a holistic approach to defining a very personal plan for each area of our client’s new lifestyle.

Through more meaningful upfront conversations and ongoing support beyond the financials, we hope to provide our clients a much greater impact with more fulfilling performance of their Encore years.


A Different Starting Point

We begin by exploring what you value about your work and determining how we can incorporate those good parts into your Encore years. Because, we understand the emotional transformation that occurs in retirement. It’s a lifestyle change that impacts your sense of purpose. Are you prepared for the emotional changes that emerge as a result of retirement?

Therefore, we start with a financial DNA exercise, which allows us to get to know how you and your significant other think and feel about money.  We will discuss where you are currently and where you would like to be.

Retirement by Design

We do it together
Throughout our meetings and spending time together, we learn what keeps you up at night and what you dream about. Based on that, we suggest a plan and from these recommendations you decide what feels and fits you the best. Our goal is to set you up with a plan that takes your concerns into consideration and supports a lifestyle you desire, so we can build a clear path aiming towards financial confidence and lifelong income to support your new lifestyle.

Ongoing Support

It’s More Than Just A Plan
We know financial planning is not cookie-cutter. That’s why we don’t have a set number of meetings; we are here for you when you need it. We also have resources and a fantastic community that is, if we dare say it ourselves, priceless. You will have a plethora of resources, events, seminars, and a professional network to draw from. You have worked hard for it and your Encore years should be the best ones.

Investment Philosophy

There is an emotional switch when your nest egg transitions from something you are building up, to all you have to live on for the next 30 years. Since income is paramount in retirement, we proactively look for opportunities as markets shift to reserve income for the following years’ projected needs. This allows us to not only stay invested in the markets and keep up with rising costs of living and taxes, but also have a couple years’ worth of your income in a safe holding, so regardless of what the markets do, the income you need is ready when you need it.

Your Lifetime Partners

We believe that no plan is ever set in stone, because life circumstances are always changing. Our plans are fluid and grow with you. So, as your life evolves, we are your lifetime partners, helping adapt your plan along the way.

And, since there is much more to a plan then the financial aspects, we created Encore University. It’s both an educational and social resource for our retired clients.

As a second-generation firm, we had a firsthand look at retirement in an intimate, close-to-home kind of way. We observed and learned that there’s so much more to a fulfilling retirement than just having enough money. Through Encore University, you have access to the original founder of Collier, who we endearingly refer to as RetirED. He’ll enlighten, inspire and charm you with his wit, as he shares his insights on being retired.

Craving knowledge? We hold speaker events on various topics, including nutrition, travel, charitable giving and much more. Building your community of friends? We host social gatherings, such as cooking classes, the back 9 on the golf course, vineyards trips and so much more.

It’s not just about mathematical finance stuff here. It’s about living life fully—which means creating memories and building a stronger community where we have fun together.

Are you ready for the fun times in life?

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