Tara Cearnal, Operations Manager

Oversees compliance regarding transactions, paperwork and affiliated money movement. Verifies that all compliance-related matters are in order and processed timely while maintaining close client relationships.
What does being “impactful for your client” mean for you?

They can feel confident that they have a plan for if the market drops or if there is a medical emergency or if they can take that long vacation they aren’t sure they can afford. Our clients can rely on us for anything they need. We are a “guru” or “teacher” that they can turn to in times of fear.

What is your favorite part in the process when working with clients?

I went to college for communications because I love working and interacting with people. Joining the finance industry in 2000 allowed me to engage people in a new way. I love seeing the various ways we can help our clients through financial planning services. Our independent approach in working with clients allows me to really know who our clients are and I’m invested in their true happiness.

Please share one of the most unique or meaningful “lifestyle” experiences that your client achieved.

It’s hard to pinpoint one, but an aspect of our job is working with a widow or widower. As you can imagine, talking about money is difficult and overwhelming in times of loss. On many occasions, I’ve created deep bonds with my clients, because they know I truly understand the loss and pain that comes with monumental life moments such as spousal loss.

Explain why you work for/with a company that specializes in retirement planning.
I admire people who work as hard as our clients do. Over many years, they make sacrifices to save for retirement. They are diligent, thoughtful and humble. I feel like I’m helping people who have done the right thing in life.
Explain how your friends or family would describe your personality
Honest. Direct. Empathetic.
Tell us an interesting fact about you.
My biggest accomplishment was being a volleyball player in college on the worst team in the conference; however, in 4 years (my senior year) as the captain, I took our team to become the Southwest Conference Champions in 1999.
What are your favorite things outside of work?

I grew up Austin, lived in Denver for 13 years and currently live and work remotely in Western Massachusetts. In 2016 my boyfriend, Mike, and I wanted land so we moved back to where he grew up. We have two old lady labs Bailey & Laci and a very cute cat named Pookie Pooks. I played volleyball in college & will continue until my body gives out. I work with CASA as a mentor and court-appointed child advocate for kids who have experienced abuse or neglect.

Are there degrees, awards, accolades or experience you’d like to highlight?

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